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Leadership From The Inside Out or Why We Suck At Developing Leaders

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From Brilliant Scientist to Intelligent Leader

Most life science leaders begin their careers as scientists. Often, they are selected as managers on the basis of their scientific expertise, their wise decision making and their clear communication skills. Once they enter a leadership role, the focus of their career changes from scientific accomplishment to facilitating accomplishment in others. This transition can be [...]

Transitioning a Life Science Company to Commercialization

The following are a set of factors frequently impacting Life Science companies in the midst of the transition from an R&D dominated to more Commercially oriented culture.  Not all elements impact all organizations of course.  Nonetheless, a discussion of these topics and their relevance (or not) in your organization can be useful in anticpating and [...]

Choosing to Lead: Reacting or Creating

The world is changing.  For some it’s a sudden shift in the tectonic plates, for others it’s a discomforting rumble.  While “change” has always been a fact of life, today’s change  feels different: There is more than the usual uncertainty about where this will all end up. As leaders, how we respond and the model [...]